It's a Cocoa Bean kind of holiday!

Cocoa Bean's specialties of the season help make a holiday a truly special day.  We create menus filled with holiday-themed cakes, tarts, cookies and more all year 'round.

Setting a traditional table?  Looking for a tempting twist on the tastes of the season?  Want to add an elegant touch?  We're here to help make it happen.

Heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine's Day? Oh yes.

Jack 0'Lantern cutout cookies at Halloween? For sure.

Hot Cross Buns at Easter? Irish Soda Bread at St. Patrick's Day? Yule Logs at Christmas? Yes, yes and yes.

And that's just a few of the many lovingly handcrafted items on the Cocoa Bean seasonal menus.

Please come in to pick up, or place your Order by phone at (630) 845-2990 for later pickup or Free Delivery within the Tri-Cities area.

And we thank you for making Cocoa Bean a part of your holiday season.

Holiday Menu 2022

Coming Soon


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