The Life of a Croissant

The Life of a Cocoa Bean Croissant


Have you ever wondered why our traditional butter croissants are so much lighter than most other bakery products? As with almost everything we make, Chef Paul adheres to classic French recipes and techniques. Take a minute to watch our brief video of The Life of a Cocoa Bean Croissant.


Starting with only the best ingredients is key to all of our products. The croissant recipe relies on European butter, which contains a higher fat content than what we are used to here in the States. Cocoa Bean croissant production is a 2-3 day event including time for proofing (which allows the yeast to get to work on the sugars and create air) and lamination of dough. The lamination process not only seals butter within the dough but also creates layers in the finished product. Each fold redistributes the yeast and butter to build layers. One false move in technique or timing and you will notice a difference in the final product!


Stop by any morning Tuesday through Sunday and pick up a croissant with your café au lait. When you pull it apart, take a minute to admire the layers of love within each croissant we bake.   Bon appetit!




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